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Summer Meditation Gift Pack

Summer Meditation Gift Pack

As low as $65.00 per unit

  • Includes

    Acacia Cheeseboard & Knife Set
    Lotus Mirror Finish Water Bottle

    AxilzRectangle Keychain
    Relax Candle - Medium
    Drifters Bluetooth Earbuds
    Jagg Jute Bag

  • Description

    Everyone highly values their alone time, and you can enhance it with this unique personalised gift. The Summer Meditation Gift Pack contains all you need for a fun but relaxing day out under the warm weather of the Australian sun. Presented in a handy and reusable Jagg Jute Bag, this pack contains a sophisticated Acacia Cheeseboard & Knife Set, a light weight Lotus Mirror Finish Bottle, a Medium Relax Candle and an Axil Keychain. Best of all, you can block out busy noise with the branded Drifters Bluetooth Earbuds to really get your mind in the right space.

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