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Face Masks

We have disposable 3 ply, 2 ply, and 3 ply reusable masks available.

Stay Safe & Mask Up!


How to Wear a

Face Mask

Important Things to Remember

You can wear a single use mask – like a surgical mask – or a reusable cloth one.

Before you put on your covering – wash or sanitise your hands. Make sure your covering is not damaged or dirty. Take your clean, unused mask by the ear loops or strings. Put them over your ears, or tie them behind your head, and make sure your mask is completely covering your nose, mouth and chin. Make sure there are no gaps.

Be careful not to touch the front of the covering, and if you accidentally do, you need to wash or sanitise your hands.

When you’re wearing a face covering, don’t pull it down around your chin or neck.

And remember – don’t touch the front of the mask. If it’s a single use mask, you should throw it in the rubbish bin. If it’s a reusable mask, put it straight into the laundry – or a sealed bag. And once you’re done removing your mask wash your hands again.

Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Mask

DO Wash or Sanitise your hands before touching the mask

DO Cover your nose, mouth and chin

DO Adjust the mask to your face without leaving any gaps on the side

DO Avoid touching the mask

DO Remove the mask from behind the ears or head

DO Wash or sanitise hands after use



DON'T use a damp or damaged mask

DON'T wear mask off nose or mouth

DON'T wear a loose mask

DON'T touch the front of mask

DON'T remove the mask to talk to someone

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